Watford households urged to return electoral canvass forms

Watford households are being urged to complete and return their annual canvass forms. The canvass is a type of survey carried out every year to make sure that the local register of electors is kept up to date.

The forms, which were delivered by post to each household in August should have been returned to Watford Borough Council. Prompt return ensures costs are kept to a minimum, by avoiding the need to print reminders and council staff visit.

The Elections Manager at Watford Borough Council said “So far just under 60% of households have returned their annual canvass forms. By law, you have to respond confirming the details – even if the form shows the correct information about your household, or you risk being issued with a fine.”

All new electors are being advised to register online as soon as possible at so they can cast their vote in the next election or contact the council’s Electoral Services Office without delay.

Residents eligible to vote are:

• People aged 18 years or over
• British, Irish or EU citizens
• A commonwealth citizen who has permission to remain in the UK

The Elections Manager concluded “We want to make sure that everyone eligible is registered and able to vote in the next local and national elections. Please help us to ensure the register is complete and uphold the democratic process for Watford”