Space2 Photography Talk

Saturday 14th April, Watford Museum 3pm – 4pm
No booking required

David Champion
David has worked in the photographic trade since he was 21 when he started work in a busy west London commercial studio. For the next fourteen years each day was an adventure, photographing everything from wild flowers on the Mediterranean, plastic bottles and component parts for aeroplanes, CEOs and TV celebrities. He would produce 35mm slide presentations and made 25 foot high exhibition prints.

Since the digital revolution changed the photographic market David has worked as a freelance photographer, darkroom technician and teacher. More recently personal black and white photographic projects have become an important part of life but David still teaches and works in traditional darkrooms around London.

The talk is primarily to support Daren Crane’s exhibition by giving an insight into how the invention of the photographic process and its equipment has ultimately led to the exhibition being created.

David’s talk will cover the birth of the photographic image, and how photography changed our view of the world; how photography has been used by historians and artists and how the development of equipment finally led to the camera that Daren has used to capture his images.

Topics will include:

  1. Life before photography
  2. When was the first photograph actually made?
  3. The power of a photograph
  4. Is photography art? The realists verses the pictorialists
  5. We live in a colour world, why do we enjoy black and white photographs?
  6. 35mm film was originally created as a movie film, so how did it get into Daren’s camera?
  7. The talk will end with questions, discussion and debate