Fratelli: Q&A with Watford's brand new Italian restaurant!

We are delighted to introduce Franco (pictured right). He and his brother Giovanni run Barracuda restaurant at 45 The Parade. The brothers, along with cousin and Head Chef Marco, have just opened up a second restaurant in Watford Town centre at 89-91 The Parade, called Fratelli, serving authentic home cooked Italian food.

1. Tell us a bit of background about you and your businesses, how long have you been working in Watford town centre?

I have been in the restaurant business since 1995 however, I first opened Barracuda in Watford Town Centre in April 2007. At the time I chose to open my Restaurant there were very few restaurants in Watford and so we can say it was somewhat of an up-and-coming town, the prospect of building something here that could grow was what made me want to start my business here.

2. What do you personally enjoy about working in Watford town centre?

Unlike any other place we have opened up a restaurant, what always stood out to me about working in Watford was that it has one of the best society of people, all our customers are friendly and loving people, mostly regulars who we have known for years. Their support has made us want to continue to create businesses here and continue to strive higher.

3. Why do you think customers will choose to dine at Fratelli?

First and foremost, it is a family-owned business, full of energy that emits love and welcomes people to come to our restaurant. We do the most to care for our customers and get to know them all to ensure the best experience. Of course, we cannot forget about the food itself which is made from freshly produced and local produce and the menus have been adapted to the wants of the diners, hence why the new restaurant Fratelli has pizza.

4. Where in Watford town centre is your personal favourite place or business to visit and why?

Hahahaha – well not to be biased but Barracuda and Fratelli are my favourite places as I spend most of my time here, but if I had to pick one, I choose Watford Football Club.

5. What will be the biggest challenge(s) over the next year for you and your businesses?

Like every other business currently, I think overcoming the COVID situation is probably going to be the biggest difficulty we face over the next year, making sure that we make up for all the times we have had to close during the lockdown, ensuring that all our customers are safe while dining with us and hoping for the best. We send our deepest condolences to all that have lost dear ones to this terrible virus.

You can view Fratelli's wonderful menu on their website, they are currently taking walk ins only and no bookings at this time.