Q&A with Shuropody Watford - Are you taking care of your feet?

As part of Wellness Week, we caught up with the Shuropody Watford team to find out more about the importance of looking after your feet, something we may have all neglected in the past!

Q: Tell us a bit about Shuropody and what you have to offer for customers?

Shuropody is the UK's largest podiatry business with over 100 podiatry clinics across almost 50 stores and proudly look after more than 300,000 patients that visit our stores and clinics every year.

Our fully qualified HCPC registered Podiatrists offer great foot healthcare service every day, in every store, from free foot health checks to soothing foot baths to detailed biomechanical assessments

Our stores are all about great foot healthcare and we have three key areas in-store to support our customer needs:

Our Footwear Department - featuring some of Europe’s leading footwear brands, such as Hotter, Joesph Sibel, Rieker, Joya and of course our own Shuropody range of footwear designed in conjunction with our senior podiatry team

Our Exclusive Footcare Department - this department offers a wide range of services and products from our 3D digital foot scanning equipment service, FootBalance, which delivers totally customised insoles while you're in-store, to our great range of off-the shelf orthotics, creams, and foot lotions etc

Our Podiatry Clinics - all staffed by HCPC registered podiatrists, we have clinics at almost every Shuropody store! We provide a great range of foot healthcare services to hundreds of thousand of patients every year

Q: Why is foot health so important?

Foot health is important because we know that our feet are the most used and abused part of our body. Our feet are at the heart and sole of everything we do. From the moment we step out of bed, to the second we fall asleep. We depend on our feet to help us get around, and we wouldn’t get far without them! Just like the rest of our body, our feet deserve to be cared for. In fact, a quarter of the body’s bones are found in our feet.

Q: What advice would you give to locals on how to look after their feet?

  1. Check your feet - As we approach the new season, it’s worth taking a long, hard look at your feet. If you see yellow, thickened, discoloured nails, hard skin, cracked heels or corns that are painful, you need to see a podiatrist. Ingrown toenails need professional attention too.
  2. Moisturise regularly - After washing your feet, apply a specifically designed foot cream which contains urea, and massage it into the soles of your feet.
  3. Wear the right footwear - Poor choice of footwear can lead to all sorts of foot problems. From pain to hammertoe and corns, what shoes you put on your feet has a bigger impact on your foot health than you may realise.

Your feet should never be neglected! Make sure you keep a check on them. If you have any concerns about your feet, please pop into one of our clinics! Our Watford clinic is open 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Saturday.

Q: What offer do you have on during Wellness Week? (can talk about the free foot scan here)

We are offering a FREE foot scan when you visit our store during Wellness Week. Our in-store patented FootBalance technology analyses your body alignment, foot, and arch type in just 10-minutes! It then collects this data to produce totally customised insoles that support and cushion your feet, providing the foundation and balance your body requires.

Q: How can customers find out more about Shuropody? (can talk about your newsletter, website and socials)

To find out more about Shuropody, you can visit our website – where we host a wide range of products to suit every need.

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