Major transformation of Clarendon Road continues

The third phase of the Clarendon Road transformation programme will be taking place over the next 10 months from Monday 6 January. The road will remain open north bound from the Beechen Grove intersection throughout the schedule of works but access southbound from Watford Junction will be limited. Watford Borough Council is advising people to expect some delays and to plan ahead of their journeys.

Watford Borough Council, working closely with Watford BID and with funding from Hertfordshire LEP and Hertfordshire County Council, is transforming Clarendon Road to create a safe, pedestrian-friendly environment, and improving the street’s character with more open, multifunctional space.

This next phase of the project – focusing on the Beechen Grove intersection to the St Johns Road intersection – begins on 6 January and will involve: change in access down the road, temporary bus stop locations, road diversions and traffic management measures:

• Clarendon Road becomes one-way northbound. Access to Clarendon Road will only be from Beechen Grove or Clarendon Road (south side). Two-way traffic operation will remain in place north of St Johns Road. There may be the occasional need to close the road, but this would be limited to night-time only.
• The northbound bus stops will be closed and southbound buses will be diverted. Temporary stops will be used.
• Access will be co-ordinated for development works and emergency services.
• Diversion around St Johns Road, Woodford Road, Station Road, St Albans Road and the ring road.
• Speed limited to 20mph on Clarendon Road.
• Traffic management signs and barriers will direct traffic safely. Controlled crossings will be maintained throughout the works.

The main focus of the work is reducing the road’s width, creation of a new drainage network, raised tables for better disabled access and a new zebra crossing. Further improvements will take place up to autumn 2022 to create a safer, greener and more attractive thoroughfare to attract and retain businesses and jobs. The scheme ultimately looks to improve accessibility, wayfinding and lighting, connectivity, pedestrian and cycle circulation, street and road layout and air quality.

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “This is another phase of our transformative plans to improve Clarendon Road. Working together with local businesses and Hertfordshire LEP, we’ve been able to transform a key entrance to our town which is used by millions of people every year. I know this will cause disruption to residents and this will be inconvenient, but hopefully the end result will be worth it.”

Adam Wood, Head of Infrastructure & Regeneration at Hertfordshire LEP, said, “Watford has seen strong growth over the past three years and our £4.8m Local Growth Fund investment towards the regeneration of Clarendon Road, the gateway to Watford town, will help it fully live up to its growth potential. The transformation to date has been remarkable and has brought new vitality to the town centre. We look forward to seeing this third phase of development come to life.”

There will be times during the works when vehicle lane closures will be necessary and, near the end of the programme, some overnight road closures will enable resurfacing to be completed. For more information and the improvements, visit