Local Mother Launches Campaign and Website to Support the Hearing Loss Community During Covid

Living with Hearing Loss is raising awareness and offering support, making this new website a must-read for everyone in our communities.

St Albans – 31th March 2021 – Local mother of two, who has High frequency/Severe hearing loss in both ears recently launched the Living with Hearing Loss website. Designed to be a space to help raise awareness, this site provides a voice and shares resources and knowledge to those inside and outside the hearing loss community.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unexpected and devastating effect on the deaf and hearing loss community. Although necessary, face masks have made navigating the world incredibly difficult as those who are deaf or have hearing loss rely on lip-reading and facial expression to communicate with others. With lockdown lifting, it's easy to believe this is over, but it isn’t for the hearing loss community as masks continue to be a requirement,” said Amy Morton, founder of Living with Hearing Loss. “Before Covid-19, I never saw my hearing loss as a disability, but now I do. It’s been quite a tough time for the whole community.”

Faced with the realisation that masks will be commonplace for the foreseeable future, Amy set about doing what she could to raise awareness on behalf of the Deaf/hearing loss community while also creating resources and lists of Lip Reading Friendly establishments for those with hearing loss.

“A few volunteers and I have been speaking with local businesses, making them aware of the Government supported Exemption Card and simple changes they can make to help us all have clarity in communication. The website is an extension of that work, a central place where all this information can be bought together.”

Many local businesses have already become Friends of Living with Hearing Loss and have enjoyed being part of the campaign. “ I never knew just how much masks would effect the Deaf and Hearing loss community “ said Ryan White – Specialist Physiotherapist at the Redborne physiotherapy clinic .”it has enabled us to offer ourselves as lipreading friendly to our clients who are finding communication challenging, just by making a few simple changes can make such a big difference”.

With lockdown lifting, its easy to believe this is over, but it isn’t for the hearing loss community, as masks continue to be a requirement. “We all want to stay safe during Covid-19 and beyond,” said Amy Morton. “Let’s do that while having clarity in communication for all.”

Visit Living with Hearing Loss here.