Laptop & PC solutions: Q&A with a local business owner providing outstanding customer service!

Introducing Mujahid, local business owner of Laptop & PC Solutions located at 166 High Street. Mujahid manages the store by himself and not only does he have an incredible ability to help you with your Laptop & PC needs, but he also provides outstanding customer service. Whether you have a query, a computer issue, or even looking to purchase yourself a laptop, PC or Mac - Mujahid is the man to visit!

1. Tell us a bit of background about you and your business, how long have you been working in Watford town centre?

Having completed graduation in commerce with computing and acquired various certifications from Microsoft & Cisco in networking and computer engineering, I landed in the UK to further my education in computer sciences and went on to become a faculty at the very college I did my post-graduation. Since I was self-driven with a high degree of passion to see myself in the midst of a thriving society which UK is one, I started working with a few well known establishments in various capacities from technical to sales & customer services for more than 10 years. But the little entrepreneur in me always kept me on the edge and one fine day I decided that I should start my own business and do what I am best at i.e. sales, services and repairs; thus came about Laptop & PC solutions Ltd in the year 2010.

With low funds and huge support from family and friends I started my business from the basement of a Hair Salon on Watford high street, Soon the dedicated services and honesty paid the dividends, as a result we moved to an independent shop in the heart of Watford town centre and eventually created a reliable and trusted name in providing services in the field of computer sales and repairs in and around Hertfordshire. My 20 years of experience and the award `Highly Recommended Independent Retailer 2020’ conferred by Watford BID is a sense of achievement.

2. What do you personally enjoy about working in Watford town centre?

Watford town centre is a very vibrant, diverse & multi-cultural hub which not only attracts people from Hertfordshire but also from its neighbouring counties. It also brings people from different backgrounds and of all ages for multiple reasons as it hosts variety of venues and events from well know shopping brands, multi cuisine food outlets, cinemas, leisure & fitness centres, parks and the football stadium close by.

3. Why do you think customers will choose Laptop & PC Solutions?

Honesty and transparency have been watched words of our trading.

Serving Watford community for more than 10 years and over 20 years of experience we have not only been able to understand the requirements and technical problems the customers face, we have also been able to quickly recognise and provide them with our impartial advice and the best of our services at an affordable price. The NO FIX NO FEE offer with no obligation to carry out the repairs after free diagnostics have built confidence and trust among our valuable customers. As a business we feel obliged to bring the awareness to our customers about the computer and its functionalities which they find very informative.

We also specialise and stock huge variety of business and home series laptops, PCs and accessories of various and brands.

4. Where in Watford town centre is your personal favourite place or business to visit and why?

Favourite place in town centre - Difficult one to choose!!!

A lively town with high spirits with so much to offer cannot be identified by one or two places to choose from. Watford town centre as a whole is my favourite place to be as it offers all the favourite brands for shopping as well as multi-cuisine eateries.

5. What will be the biggest challenge(s) over the next year for you and your business?

Wellbeing and prosperity of our society is our highest priority, with so much of uncertainty looming on world’s economy, our business, I am afraid that we could face some challenges too. With limited business that the organisation has done over the past year has already restricted us to improve the shop and it may further deter our plans to take the business to a higher level if we had fewer customers than usual.

We offer our deepest condolences to individuals, families and businesses who have lost their loved ones during this pandemic.

We also wish the best of health and prosperity to the Watford community this year and years to follow...

Get to know Mujahid in person by visiting 166 High Street, he is always welcome for a chat and might be able to make your working from home experience far more pleasurable!