Iconic Watford Football Club relic nominated for Hertfordshire Museum Object of the Year Award 2020

Watford Borough Council is excited to announce that The Watford Observer Clock has been nominated for Hertfordshire Museum Object of the Year 2020, as part of Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020.

The Watford Observer Clock is one of the most loved relics of Watford Football Club’s Vicarage Road Stadium. It was initially installed in the 1960s, as the ‘O’ of an advert for the Watford Observer newspaper on the old Rookery Stand and is now on permanent display in Watford Museum.

The clock is an icon of the history of Watford Football Club and its bond with the town lives on today, with many fans still making the trip to catch a glimpse of it in its new home, Watford Museum.

During September you can vote for your favourite object nominated by Hertfordshire’s fantastic museums. The staff and volunteers at Watford Museum have taken the opportunity to spend time finding out more about the object they care for and adding to their already impressive collection. This year they felt the Watford Observer Clock was the perfect object to capture the public’s imagination.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said: “I am delighted that the Watford Observer Clock has been nominated for the Hertfordshire Museum Object of the Year Award. It is wonderful to have an iconic relic like this in our museum that so many people can enjoy and be able to relive fond memories from years gone by at Vicarage Road. The staff and volunteers at Watford Museum do a tremendous job and they deserved to be recognised with this award.”

Watford FC fans have described why the clock is so special, “No design classic, no masterpiece, but a chunk of metal. OUR metal. An icon, not of minutes and hours, but of years. Glorious years of devotion, toil and unwavering love.”

The famous clock served as a constant presence in fans home away from home, Vicarage Road, displaying a touching link between town and club. Despite it never being intended to become an icon, more an advertising piece, it became part of matchdays in Watford, with generations of fans and players nervously looking up at it to see how long was left to play.

Now the clock demonstrates the lasting bond between Watford Football Club, the fans, the town and Watford Museum, and all our work together to celebrate football and community heritage.

You can vote for The Watford Observer Clock to win Hertfordshire Museum Object of the Year at:

The entry with the most votes will be presented with an award on 30 September 2020.