'Help the ELF Service' Christmas Game cancellation - Announcement

⚠️'Help the Elf service' Christmas game cancellation announcement ⚠️

It is with regret that in consultation with our key partners we have decided to cancel our ‘Help the Elf Service’ Christmas Game due to health & safety concerns pertaining to COVID-19.

The safety of Watford town centre users is our absolute number one priority, and although the game is to take place predominantly outside, there are still concerns that running the game could lead to a slightly increased likelihood of COVID transmission.

We apologise to everyone who was looking forward to playing the game at a time when positive entertainment is much needed, but we do not want to take any risks when it comes to the health of our residents, visitors, and workers and for that reason we have taken this difficult decision.

Those that have made bookings for the game will be contacted in due course and a full refund will be allocated to them.

We are exploring the possibility of delivering a very similar outdoor adventure game in the Springtime with a different theme, but again we would only proceed if we were fully confident of public safety.

Christmas this year is unique but there is still plenty for you and the family to enjoy! Make sure to visit our website and social media pages for all the latest Watford activity.

Have a very merry Christmas, while please adhering to the COVID-safety guidelines to protect yourselves and one another, and we hope to only bring you positive messages from here onwards! 🎅