Escape Hunt take away the dread of the virtual social

If you’ve exhausted every team-building activity, every recruitment task and you’ve asked enough of your peers an ‘interesting fact about themselves’ then an Escape Hunt virtual experience is the one for you.

Go totally digital as you and your team take your pick of adventure. Zoom into a physical escape room and have your team guide an avatar around to get out in time or work together on one of our other adventures. Save a city from a bomb threat, reclaim stolen artifacts or become hackers, Escape Hunt have a whole host of experiences and more releasing to market in the coming weeks. Whether you’re competing with your colleagues or working alongside them; a memorable team building experience is ensured.

Find out who is the office brainiac as your communication, negotiation and emotional intelligence are put to the test, no matter where in the world you are. Escape Hunt’s corporate games are totally scalable, from teams of 6 to 500+ so if you’ve got an internet connection; they’ve got an activity for you.

Escape Hunt’s corporate team building experiences can be booked online or over the phone, give them your numbers and they’ll give you a quote! [ or 0330 118 0622 ]