Escape Hunt launch brand new corporate game: Five Eyes

Whilst we may be coming to the last leg of lockdown, the days of the virtual social are far from over.

To keep the momentum going until the end of Q1 and beyond, Escape Hunt are releasing a brand new corporate game to keep you and your team motivated.

Today is your chance to join the most elite network of spies in the world: Five Eyes! To become one of us you and your team must overcome a legendary entrance test. The test is simple. Each question wins you points. The more difficult the question the more points. The team to finish with the most points wins. The rest of you, will have to try again next year...

Five Eyes is a totally scalable multiplayer event which tests mental agility, lateral thinking and teamwork under pressure. From a team of 6 to totally unlimited teams, expect a global test to find the "best of the best" through competition. The prize being the chance to join an elite organisation and the globetrotting glamour that entails from that… hypothetically of course.

Escape Hunt has a whole host of experiences, whether you’re competing with your colleagues or working alongside them; a memorable team building experience is ensured. Escape Hunt’s corporate games are totally scalable, from teams of 6 to 500+ so if you’ve got an internet connection; they’ve got an activity for you.

Escape Hunt’s corporate team building experiences can be booked online or over the phone. To book Five Eyes for your workplace, visit or call 0330 118 0622. Want to see what else they have on offer? Visit to find out more.