COVID-19 impact Watford's annual Firework Display

This year’s Cassiobury Fireworks Display have unfortunately had to be cancelled in response to current Covid-19 guidance and restrictions.

The Fireworks Display attracts tens of thousands people to Cassiobury Park each November to enjoy a thrilling evening of fireworks and entertainment and is a highlight of the council’s annual events calendar. However, with evidence that mass gatherings can trigger local Covi-19 outbreaks and the need to social distance to stop the spread of the virus, the council is clear people’s health and safety have to be the top priority this year

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said: “Like many families and local people, I look forward to the Fireworks Display and I am really disappointed that we won’t be able to enjoy what is always a great evening in Cassiobury Park. We never take a decision to cancel an event lightly but we know that bringing a large number of people together, even in the open, is a risk to our community and so regrettably, this year, the display won’t be going ahead.

“Whilst we know that large events which attract big crowds aren’t possible, we are looking at some exciting and new ways to brighten up the town centre over Christmas. There will be lots of fun for families and a great Christmas light display, so I am sure Watford will have plenty of festive spirit this year, despite having to do things a bit differently”.