Council and police crackdown on anti-social behaviour with barriers at Cassiobury car park

New barriers have been installed at Cassiobury Park due to the increase in reports of anti-social behaviour and littering in the park.

The anti-social behaviour that has been reported in Cassiobury Park tends to happen in the early morning and late at night. To help combat these problems, the council has installed a barrier at the entrance to the car park, preventing cars from entering the car park after it has closed.

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “Abuse of our parks is never acceptable and there is no excuse for it. We will not stand for it. We are working closely with the police, who are regularly patrolling parks across Watford. It is disappointing that actions such as barriers are necessary but I am grateful to the vast majority of people who visit our parks and behave responsibly. Our local parks and open spaces have been a lifeline for many people over the past few months and we will do whatever it takes to protect them.”

The police have obtained an accurate picture of the hotspot locations to include in their patrol plans and the council has also increased the number of bins and litter picking in the park. The council wants everyone to be able to enjoy places that are clean and litter-free and this is only possible if we all consider others. Cassiobury Park car park is open from 7.45pm to 10pm. To find out more about our parks, visit