Changes to Watford's waste and recycling collection proposed for the autumn

Watford Borough Council’s Cabinet will review the timetable for introducing the agreed changes to the town’s waste and recycling services when it meets virtually on 4 May. The original July start date was put on hold when COVID-19 first hit but the council, and its environmental services partner, Veolia, is now planning to launch in September.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said: “When we met in January to consider the proposals for a new waste and recycling service for Watford, which will help people recycle more, reduce the amount of waste we throw away and make us a greener town, we couldn’t have foreseen what lay ahead. Like everyone, we have had to adapt very quickly and review our plans for this year. Delaying the introduction of these changes has allowed us to focus on the immediate crisis caused by COVID-19, and for Veolia to continue to provide Watford residents with its essential services, which they have done exceptionally well.

“It is our priority to ensure that residents have excellent local services and that we are doing all we can to limit the impact of climate change, and protecting our environment will be just as important in a post COVID-19 world as it was before. It is right that we should delay these changes until later in the year.”

The changes agreed for the waste and recycling service include:
• the introduction of a weekly collection of food waste with households receiving a new 23 litre kerbside brown bin to make recycling food waste easy
• retention of the weekly collection of the blue lidded recycling bin that means the majority of people’s waste will still be collected each week
• a fortnightly collection of the black bin for non-recyclable waste
• the introduction of a yearly subscription service for fortnightly collections of garden waste (using existing green bins). This will cost £45, £40 if paid by direct debit and £35 to those who are entitled to a concession

The proposed date for the introduction of the new service is 7 September 2020 and the annual payment date for the garden waste service is now 1 September 2020.