Banishing the blues with beautiful birdsong at intu Watford

If you’re wondering why everyone’s smiling at intu Watford – it’s most likely because they’ve been listening to beautiful birdsong while they shop!

After research revealed that four in five Londoners say birdsong makes them feel happier, the centre decided to join forces with naturalists and musicians to reconnect people with the sounds of nature.

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May, the centre played birdsong out of a specially-created 12-foot ‘tweet tree’ featuring model singing birds all day – and shoppers loved it!

Vicki Costello, general manager at intu Watford, said: “Making our customers smile is at the centre of everything we do. Thanks to this research, we know birdsong makes people happier so we installed the tweet tree to ensure we could make everyone feel great. The feedback was brilliant – it really does work! Everyone loves the sounds of Spring.”

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