A new way for people to share their views on the Local Plan

The people of the Watford are able to access an anonymous interactive online chat via Facebook Messenger, which has been created for Watford Borough Council to ensure all residents are getting the chance to give their views on the new Local Plan consultation.

Watford is facing some difficult decisions about the future, which is why it’s important that we find out what residents think, so finding new ways to engage with people is crucial. The tool, created by Novoville, runs through either Facebook Messenger or a standalone chat window on your mobile or desktop and aims to give people a quick and easy way to add their voice to the consultation.g.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said: “We want residents to work with us on this new Local Plan to ensure Watford continues to be a vibrant and thriving place. The interactive online chat will help make sure that local people are in charge of the change that is happening in our town. Taking part in this will mean that you can have your say on the future of Watford.”

People will be able to click on a link to join an interactive conversation, which takes around three minutes. They will be able to share their views on some of the issues facing Watford and find out really important information about what’s happening in the town.

The new Local Plan consultation sets out key issues, such as how many jobs are needed in the town and where housing should go, and the deadline to provide feedback is Friday 19 October. Have your say by talking to the interactive online chat at and completing the survey at