Watford Business
Improvement District (BID) Ltd

Employee app

The Watford BID app is an exclusive rewards app for Watford town centre employees.

The app features unique offers from local businesses for BID business employees.

Not sure if you work at a BID business? Click here to see a map of the BID area. If you’re place of work is located in this are then you are eligible for Watford BID app.

Get the app

Download the free app from Google Play
or App store.

First time users will need to sign up with a unique Business Code – details of which you can get from your employer.

If you are a BID business and require a code for you staff please contact enquiries@watfordbid.co.uk.

Offer rewards

Businesses within and outside of the BID area can offer rewards.

If you are interested in offering rewards on the app, please contact enquiries@watfordbid.co.uk.