Watford Business
Improvement District (BID) Ltd

Business reduction scheme launches

We are acutely aware that it is expensive to run a business in Watford and are always searching for new ways to help BID businesses reduce these costs.

I am pleased to announce that we are now working in partnership with Meercat Associates, who are the only UK wide BID buying group and have provided a similar service to a number of Business Improvement Districts in the UK, including Baker Street, Bath, Cambridge and Winchester.

Meercat are specialists in sourcing and managing contracts for individual businesses, harnessing collective buying powers. Specialising in telecoms, merchant fees, stationery & print, utilities, pest control and testing, the Meercat expert team can take away the stresses and strains of contract procurement and management and help you to save money. Typically a business saves 34% with average member savings of £622 from other BID case studies. Meercat will help businesses make savings on:

Why Work with Meercat?

Get in touch for more information and start saving!

We are launching this FREE service to all Watford BID members on Monday, 25 November. There are no additional costs or commissions payable; your BID levy funds this service (along with many other services and projects delivered by Watford BID). The Meercat team does not earn commission from working with BID businesses so the advice they give is impartial.

A representative from Meercat will contact you soon with further information on the scheme. You are under no obligation to meet with them, but I would urge businesses to take advantage of the opportunity and book a visit as there is significant evidence that they will be able to help you make substantial savings.

To book an appointment, email savings@meercatassociates.com or call 01444 416 529.

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