Watford Business
Improvement District (BID) Ltd

BID business plan


Watford Business Plan 2021-2026


Watford Business Plan 2016 - 2021

Bid Area Map

Watford Town Centre

List of streets in BID area:

Albert Road South Cambrige Road
Charter Place
Church Street
Crown Passage
Clarendon Road
(numbers: 1-35 & 2-24)
Estcourt Road
(only Sutton Car Park)
Exchange Road
(East side of road, including: the British Telecom Exchange buildings, Church Car Park and Wren House numbers: 15-23)
Gaumont Approach
George Street
Granville Road
Halsey Road
Hempstead Road
(up to and including the Leisure Centre and Avenue Car Park)
High Street
(down to numbers: 165 & 174)
King Street
Market Street
(from the High Street to numbers: 24 & 25)
New Street
Peace Prospect
Peace Drive
(The Peace Hospice and Prospect House)
Queens Road
(numbers: 1-19A)
Rickmansworth Road
(numbers: 1-5 and up to Peace Drive)
Rosslyn Road
(numbers: 13-27, plus Gade Car Park and Halsey House)
Smith Street
St Mary’s View
St Mary’s Close
St Mary’s Churchyard
The Cloisters
The Crescent
The Parade
(including Rigby House)
Upton Road
(numbers: 14-20)
Watford House Lane
Water Lane
(the section west of Beechen Grove)
(including Wells Yard)
Wilmington Close
Meeting Alley


Bid Area Map