Ballot Timetable

Voting Process


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Voting Process

  1. You should receive one ballot paper for each property that you are eligible to vote for by post. If you do not, please email:

  2. Please check that each ballot paper has its own return envelope.

  3. Complete the ballot paper putting a cross (x) beside your choice to retain the BID for a further five years or not.

  4. Write your name in BLOCK capitals and your POSITION in the business and then add your SIGNATURE.

  5. Each ballot paper must be returned in its own separate envelope.

  6. Return your completed ballot paper(s) by post in the pre-paid envelope provided. Or alternatively it can be returned by hand to Watford Town Hall.

All ballot papers are sent out to the registered address of the property which you are paying the levy on behalf of. If you wish for your ballot paper to be sent to an alternative address, please email the details to