Theme 1 – Safeguarding the future of Watford

Theme 2 – Enhancing the look and feel of Watford

Theme 3 – Marketing, communication and events

BID Levy & Budget

The BID Area

2021-2026: Planning for the future

Theme 3 – Marketing, communications and events

Communication is key. There is no point of the BID committing your levy to a range of projects if you or the consumer do not know about it. With the current restrictions in place and uncertainty for the future, it may be necessary to approach events and marketing in a slightly different way, but this will be done in consultation with levy payers, and imaginatively, to maximise success.

Promoting Watford during and immediately after the pandemic

We will:

Communicating with levy payers

We will:

Reaching out to residents and beyond

We will:

Events and activities to attract people to the town centre

We will: