Theme 1 – Safeguarding the future of Watford

Theme 2 – Enhancing the look and feel of Watford

Theme 3 – Marketing, communication and events

BID Levy & Budget

The BID Area

2021-2026: Planning for the future

The BID Area

Albert Road South
Bentine Lane
Cambridge Road
Charter Place Bus Lane
Church Road
Clarendon Road
Crown Passage Exchange Road (East side of road, including BT Exchange Building, Church Car Park and Wren House)
Gaumont Approach
George Street
Granville Road
Halsey Road
Hempstead Road (up to and including the Leisure Centre and Avenue Car park)
High Street (down to numbers: 165 & 174)
King Street
Market Street (from High Street to numbers 24 & 25)
New Street
Peace Drive
Peace Prospect
Queen Road (1-19A)
Rickmansworth Road (numbers 1-5 and up to Peace Drive)
Rosslyn Road (only Gade Car Park)
Smith Street
St Mary’s View
St Mary’s Close
St Mary’s Churchyard
Sutton Road (only Sutton Car Park)
The Crescent
The Parade
Water Lane (west of Beechen Grove)
Watford House Lane
Wilmington Close